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SalesOMMO enables sales teams to understand their customers, all while significantly reducing time spent on manual research and preparation.

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SalesOMMO was developed to address several challenges encountered by sales teams. Sales professionals often spend considerable time on inefficient lead qualification, lacking the necessary data to prioritize effectively. SalesOMMO streamlines this process by providing key insights into each lead’s professional background and current interests, enhancing lead qualification.

The traditional approach to understanding a potential customer's needs requires extensive manual research. SalesOMMO alleviates this by automating data collection and analysis, delivering comprehensive reports based on LinkedIn profiles. This automation supports personalized outreach, which is crucial in today’s competitive market but often resource-intensive.


Built using modern technologies such as Tailwind for responsive styling, Angular for a dynamic and robust front-end, and Laravel for a powerful API backend, SalesOMMO delivers a seamless and scalable experience. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, the application ensures automatic scaling to handle varying loads, guaranteeing high availability and performance during peak usage times.

By reducing manual data handling through automation, SalesOMMO allows sales personnel to focus more on engaging with clients and closing deals. This integration of advanced technology and practical functionality ensures that SalesOMMO not only solves common sales challenges but also enhances operational capabilities, allowing sales teams to excel and achieve superior results.


  • Tailwind
  • Angular
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Cloud Services
  • AWS

MVP Development and Funding Success

At XCODES, we understand that the journey from idea to a market-ready product is critical. Our expertise in building MVPs has proven valuable for startups.
Our collaboration with SalesOMMO, a company dedicated to revolutionize the sales process through AI-driven insights, showcases our expertise in MVP Development.

We built an MVP for SalesOMMO that highlights its unique value proposition—enabling sales teams to understand their customers better and streamline operations.
Our development process focused on integrating powerful AI tools that reduce time-consuming manual tasks and increase overall sales productivity.

Our MVP helped SalesOMMO with the leverage it needed to secure over €150,000 in funding. This capital has been important in expanding their market presence and further developing the platform's capabilities, setting SalesOMMO on a path to substantial growth and market leadership.

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“The company went above and beyond the project’s scope and delivered more than expected.”

Alexandru Lamba

CTO of SalesOMMO


SalesOMMO helps the sales process by enabling teams to deeply understand their customers and foster meaningful relationships. By the power of AI-driven insights, the platform significantly reduces the time spent on manual research and preparation, streamlining sales operations and enhancing productivity.

Sales professionals can now focus on what truly matters—building connections and closing deals. With intuitive tools and real-time data at their fingertips, SalesOMMO equips sales teams with the knowledge and capabilities to tailor their approaches to meet the specific needs and interests of each client.


The streamlined Dashboard organizes all scanned profiles and their corresponding reports in one central location, simplifying lead management and ensuring timely follow-ups. Key features include:

Search Functionality: Enter the LinkedIn URL of a professional to instantly generate a detailed report including professional history, skills, and potential outreach strategies.

Real-Time Reporting: Gain immediate insights with real-time reporting, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Reports: Revisit all scanned profiles easily, ensuring thorough follow-ups and maximizing every opportunity.

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The report integrates essential data points into a unified, user-friendly interface, significantly enhancing decision-making efficiency. This section helps users with comprehensive insights about contacts, organizational profiles, and industry dynamics, all streamlined to support tailored interactions and strategic planning.

It helps in understanding key trends, challenges, and opportunities in the business landscape, facilitating a deeper grasp of external factors that influence prospects.

The integrated AI Assistant uses advanced algorithms to provide real-time guidance and suggestions. It automates critical tasks such as showing a list of interests, proposing a meeting agenda, and displaying a list of small talk ideas, further enhancing engagement and streamlining interactions.

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Expertise section of the SalesOMMO report outlines key professional details of the searched individual, enhancing sales team interactions. It covers areas of expertise, management experience, business tenure, and years in the current position. This concise profiling allows sales professionals to tailor their strategies effectively, using AI-driven insights to engage with potential clients based on a deep understanding of their professional landscape.



Team section highlights key aspects of the workforce searched within SalesOMMO, including team size, specializations, open positions, and areas of expertise. This concise overview details the team's scale, its specialized skills, current hiring needs, and collective knowledge areas. This information assists sales teams in understanding the company's operational capabilities and growth directions, enabling more effective and targeted engagements.



Ecosystem section provides an overview of the key elements influencing the business landscape of the searched individual within SalesOMMO. It includes insights into the customer base, detailing their needs and interactions, and explores the network of providers that support operational capabilities. The section also highlights the technologies the business employs, showcasing their integration and impact on business processes.

AI Assistant

AI Assistant enhances user productivity by providing instant, data-driven responses to queries.

This tool processes and answers questions accurately, facilitating rapid information retrieval and decision-making. It’s an invaluable resource for users needing quick access to information, allowing them to focus more on strategic activities informed by precise data insights.


One significant challenge was ensuring the accuracy of AI-generated reports, which are crucial for sales teams. To address this, we introduced comprehensive data verification processes and thorough quality controls to ensure all AI-generated information is reliable and consistent with real-world data.

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