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Green Leader program was founded for local producers based in Romania who have accessed European Funds and whose main object of activity is is beekeeping, natural products based on honey and pollen.

Green Leader
Web development, Cloud Services

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The local action group from Prahova, Romania and the local action group from Salaj, Romania, with the help of the European Funds allocated to help the rural area, founded a program called Green Leader which includes local producers who have accessed European Funds and whose main object of activity is is beekeeping, natural products based on honey and pollen.

The Green Leader program was founded to help producers to grow their businesses.


We decided to build an online marketplace for producers who are part of the Green Leader program. After the solution offered by XCODES DEVELOPMENT was presented and accepted by our customer, we started the development. Based on platform’s specifics, we started with the mockup & prototype over which we added the design. After we got the approval of the design and its functionality, we started the development.

The platform is divided into 3 parts: the API, the front-end and the hybrid mobile application. The API was built in PHP with Laravel Framework and the front-end in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, with templating engine Blade and Vue.js using the Tailwind Framework. The hybrid mobile application is developed in Ionic with Vue.js and for compiling the code we used Capacitor.


  • Tailwind
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Cloud Services


Main purpose of this online marketplace is to promote producers in Romania. Any person based in Romania can order products from any producers.

On the home page you can see the locations of the producers and how they are positioned. There is also a page dedicated to the producers locations.


The producer account can only be added by the administrator. The producer can send a request to enter the program, but this request must be approved by the administrator. Once the producer is added, a QR code is automatically generated and assigned link to the producer's public profile.

The producer can edit the layout, color and information of the public profile. After the profile is completed, the producer selects the products made available by the administrator, the products will have an inactive status. All changes will be approved by the administrator.

All producers present on this platform are Green Leader Certified.



The products can only be added by the administrator. After the producer is accepted in the Green Leader program and has a complete profile, he can create his product catalog made available by the administrator. After the products are added, the administrator reviews them and publishes the respective products on the producer's public page.

All products present on this platform are Green Leader Certified.

administrator producer
customer orders


Customers can access the producer's page and see all the products they produce and sell. The customer can add the desired products to the shopping cart and place the order. If the ordered products belong to several producers, the orders are divided for each individual producer.

The available payment methods are cash on delivery and card. The payment processor is Stripe.

Once the order is placed, an invoice is generated that can be printed or downloaded from the customer's account.


One of the challenges was the online payment. We used Stripe as a payment processor. We made a system through which the customer pays directly to the producer account without the money passing through the platform.

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